🧒 TRACTIAN has quickly become Brazil’s fastest-growing industrial startup, enabling from SMBs to large enterprise businesses, like AbInBev, Embraer, Yara, and Electrolux, to make their maintenance sweet. To date, we've raised $3.7M (~R$ 20M) of investments from the world's top fund, YCombinator, among with DGF, Soma Capital, Norte Ventures, Liquid 2, and others.

The Shazam of industries is waiting for you! See open roles below.


We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, eager to learn, hands-on and who are not limited to only technical terms.

Open Roles


Software Engineer
Remote or HQ
Dev Ops/SRE
Remote or HQ
πŸ› οΈ
Full-Stack Engineer
Remote or HQ
Front-End Engineer
Remote or HQ
Web Developer
Remote or HQ

Data Science

Senior Data Scientist
Remote or HQ


Sales Account Executive
Remote or HQ
Sales Development Representative - SDR
Remote or HQ


Art Director
Remote or HQ
Performance Marketing
Remote or HQ


Procurement Specialist
Remote or HQ


Technical Recruiter
Remote or HQ
Talent Acquisition
Remote or HQ


Hardware Development (R&D)
HQ - Vila Mariana/SP
IoT Operations
HQ - Vila Mariana/SP

⚠️ Read the culture deck below before applying.

Culture Deck

🧒 Blue Cap


You foresee customer needs, listen carefully to their orders, and care deeply about creating value for them.

πŸ₯Š Trustworthy


You think and act like an owner, encourage others to develop a sense of protagonism, and lead by example. You consistently deliver strong performance, making your peers trust you and your ability to deliver, and you take the first step without expecting anyone. You can intelligently sort out what needs to be done and what can be improved later. You understand that not knowing is no reason not to do it. Rather, it's the first step in expanding your skills.

πŸ’Ž Transparent


You are with us the same way you would be with your childhood friends. You just say things about your peers that you would say face to face. You propose paths and take responsibility for your work (without blaming others). You are quick to admit your mistakes. You cut out the politics and beautiful words and get straight to the point. You value your colleagues' time and say what needs to be improved (feedback) forthright, with no sandwich tactics.

Our values result in trustworthy people who are always ready to do whatever needs to be done.

Our high-performance culture is not the right fit for everyone.

Many people love our culture and stay for a long time. They thrive on excellence, responsibility, and change. We intelligently select and develop members to keep only people who make a big difference in each position.

Responsible People Thrive in Autonomy

Our model is to increase people's autonomy as we grow rather than limit it, to continue to attract and nurture innovative people so we have a better chance of long-term success.

Highly aligned and loosely coupled. Strategy and objectives are clear, specific, and widely understood; Few meetings between cross-functional teams, except to align on goals and strategies. High performers will do better and more willingly if they can understand the context! Mediocrity or lack of challenge is what kills a person's progress.

Freedom with responsibility

Your responsibility is closely related to your delivery and does not mean that you will be working alone. Being responsible is going all the way to reach the goal and guarantee delivery. We expect a high delta πŸ”Ί learning from a member. This indicates that the member walked much more than expected, given their initial conditions.

Attitudes not in line with our culture

  1. Not defining what you are doing clearly. Not expressing well what is being done creates a bad context for the team, of mistrust, and hinders everyone from moving in the same direction.
  2. Finding problems and not presenting paths or solutions: We hope that when you identify a problem, you also find a solution and take the first step towards applying it.
  3. Giving ideas and not taking action. You can list ideas of what we can do or pick one and take action. Every step is a victory that will lead to the ultimate goal.
  4. β€œIf you want to build a ship, don't organize people to collect wood, assign them tasks, and give orders. Instead, teach them to long for the vast and endless sea.” β€” Antoine Saint-Exupery - Author of The Little Prince


Updated at: September 20, 2021