Customer Success Leader

Why Tractian

You will get a lot of autonomy, responsibility and ownership. We'll give you challenging goals, with lots of context and helpful leaders, but we hope you'll use your good taste and figure out the details of how to get there. We are a growth-stage startup and you will work directly with the founders, helping to define the vision, product and user experience. Join us as one of our top customer person and join our core team.

With us you'll have

  • The opportunity to learn a lot from a high-level team
  • Autonomy to make decisions without having to invest time and energy in unnecessary meetings
  • Focus on challenges to go even further
  • Career plan, goals and rewards


  • Perform onboarding meetings and ensure that the customer experience is the best possible, with the ability to understand the system's features and explain them clearly to customers
  • Periodically check if the sensors are in perfect working order, contacting the customer to solve any problem, as well as the hardware team to fully understand what happened
  • Further expand and develop existing customer relationships to solidify customer experience and loyalty, project success, renewal and expansion
  • Proactively communicate with customers about the most relevant platform features and functionality and understand what needs to be improved, which makes sense for each customer
  • Work with our Hardware and Product team to ensure that customer feedback translates into new features and is prioritized

Desirable Requirements and Skills


We don't require any specific major or degree. We strongly believe in people willing to learn fast and do what it takes with a lot of enthusiasm.

  • Being more technical or having any engineering experience
  • 3+ years experience in any Sales related positions
  • 3+ years experience in companies that offer Engineering products
  • Differential: Having already worked and/or sold to the industry, as well as prior knowledge about predictive maintenance


Our product is unconventional. It's not like a SaaS to sign documents that in 1 hour you already figured out how to sell. You'll need to understand the minds of maintenance managers and also how our data and sensor can save the customer from costly failures.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive salary and stock option bonus
  • +R$400/month for you to spend on your well-being, entertainment and personal growth
  • 30 days a year of paid annual leave

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